Yes Folks, it is Taper Time! I MADE IT!!!

This training cycle has been iffy. I have stepped down to the Novice First mararthon training shedule. I have had a few painful runs. I have stopped when necessary and allowed extra recover days when needed. And so far, it has paid off. 

I completed my 20 miler this past Sunday (20.65 to be exact). There were some rough spots due to fueling  (alternating UCAN and gel). But can I say how happy I am? And my foot has held up! Some speedwork aggravates it but for the most part, this has been okay..not my best training but okay. 

Now onto logistics for the marathon. I have a bit of a bump in plans. My daughter’s swim club moved their fall hosted meet a week later this year. Yes, it is now marathon weekend. Oh, and I coordinate all the volunteers for meets. My hubby will be managing the kids and swim meet duties while I head up to Chicago on my own. 

My main running partner has been fighting some hamstring issues. He is in Hawaii this week and skipped the 20 miler. His stance is if he cannot run 16 this weekend, then he is skipping the marathon. He has introduced me to a runner friend  of his and she and I have run together a few times. She is doing her first Chicago Marathon…so excited for her. The girl is speedy and is going to do awesome  (I predict a 3:45 finish for her). 

Did some short speedwork tonight and felt freaky fast. Did a mile warm up, 1 800, 1 400, then 4 200s, and another 800. My 200s rocked! Got one down to 5:39 pace. My others hovered at 6-6:15 pace, with my 800 at 6:35. I was pressed for time and did not cool down properly. Have to admit I often cut my cool down to half a mile and then today I just had to be done.

I have held my weight down fairly easily thanks to the Keto diet. I’d like to bit a bit leaner going into this race but at the same time my foot has left my expectations of a BQ in the “stars have to be perfectly aligned” category so I really haven’t tried to lean out.

So there you have it. Miles in. Foot okay. Diet good. Race is on. 


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